The Course


Note: There is a 3-1/2 hour time limit for both the half marathon and 10k. Police will reopen the roads at 10:30 am and will no longer direct traffic. Runners on the course must move to the sidewalks if directed to do so by police or course monitors.

Half Marathon Course

2015 Annapolis Half Marathon Certification Map - resized

USATF Certified Course: MD1002LMJ

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10k Course

USATF Certified Course: MD15003LMJ

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Hydration Stations

Water will be available at hydration stations located at approximately:
Half Marathon: miles 1.75, , 2.8, 4.75, 6.5, 7.0, 8.5, 11.0, 12.5
10k:  1.75, 4, 5.5

Lemon-lime flavored NUUN will be served 2.8, 7.0, 8.75, 11.0 station.

GU and Clif Shot energy gels will be located at mile 7.0 on the half marathon course.


Clothing Drop

Clothing drops will be located at miles 1.75 (Drop boxes will be available) and at Water Stop 1 (mile 2.75). We suggest you drop clothing that you are willing to donate to an organization that collects clothing for those in need. Clothing dropped will be brought back to the Bag Check Area, but there are no guarantees that your items will be there. Drop clothing at your own risk. PLEASE DO NOT HAVE YOUR BIB ATTACHED TO CLOTHING THAT YOU INTEND TO DISCARD.